Wedding in Greece with 25000 euros! It would be possible?

Wedding in Athens or on a Greek island?

Wedding in Greece with 25000 euros


Wedding in Greece with 25000 euros


“Hello 🙂 Can you please tell me if you think it would be possible to have a wedding in Greece

( in Athens or on an island) for 100 people with a total budget of 25000 euros?”

Recently I had the above email in my inbox.


The short answer is: Yes, of course!

There are wedding vendors available in Greece who work with all budgets.

Also, wedding planners with inexpensive packages and others who don’t have a limit-up.

Depending on what you want. Undoubtedly it is a matter of your choices and expectations.

Wedding in Greece with 25000 euros

You have many more options in Athens, and it doesn’t have transportation fees.
For example, you will add the tickets, car, and accommodation to my fee for a destination wedding on a greek island.
Also, many services are more expensive on the greek islands.
And the famous greek islands such as Mykonos & Santorini are costly.


But a wedding on a Greek island is the element that will give that something extra that will make the difference.
My advice is to do something worthwhile with the money you have.
For example, there is a menu for 40 euros and a menu for 140.

Also, reduce the number of guests. Even the same budget can be made even better for less.


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