5 Tips to Stay on Your Wedding Timeline

How to not run late on the wedding day

5 Tips to Stay on Your Wedding Timeline

Wedding Photography Timeline

I’m going to be writing you the most important things that could make your wedding run late,

and what you’re going to lose out on if it does.

Nobody wants their wedding to run late.

Most people probably want their wedding to run on time.


When the things of your day run late, what you’re going to lose out on are your portraits

because portraits are the first thing that is going to get cut.

They’re not going to cut time off your ceremony and reception.

So that’s the things that if that’s a priority for you need to.



1. Bride’s Hair and Make-up Artist

Probably the number one thing that causes your wedding to run late is hair and make-up.

Every hair and make-up artist that I refer to my couples is always on time, if not early, and that’s one reason I prefer them.

I like to work with punctual people because when hair and make-up run late, a couple of nasty things can happen.


So if you have a first look, what happens when your hair and make-up run late, and I’m not talking about 5-10 minutes late.

When they’re 30 40 minutes late, you will lose out on time for bride’s portraits, bridesmaids & family photos, and your first look.

This happens more often than you would think.

So if you’ve scheduled 45 minutes for your first look and bride & groom portraits, you will be losing out on all of that time.


We might skim some time from the bridal pictures, peeked some time from family, or complete after the ceremony.

You don’t want to feel rushed during your first look.

If you do not have a first look, the portraits that will get cut are those bridesmaids in their robes with you.

Those are pictures that are either going to get cut short or get cut.


If your wedding is running 30 minutes behind, we have to get you to the ceremony.

You are cutting out all of that cute time with your bridesmaids, and that can be a huge deal to some couples.

Start earlier, and then we’ve got tons of time for lovely photos without stress.



2. Wedding Receptions

Another crucial thing that I see making receptions run late is the sense they’ve already started.

The events are running later when you have toasts and take a very long time for their toasts.


Two to three minutes tops are the perfect amount of time for somebody to be giving a toast.

Highly recommend that you tell all of your toasters to try to keep it to two or three minutes.

Anything over five minutes is probably going to be boring drawn-out for everybody.


That’s the first thing that I will do to ensure that my couple gets the events they want.

I get myself out on time in any more than 20 minutes; I think it’s an appropriate time for overtime.

So, what will typically happen is that I’m not just going to surprise them with this.

I’ll go up to the couple, and I will say, ”are you okay with overtime?” We’ve only got this much time.



3. Wedding Planner

Another thing is to choose a great planner.

A planner who is experienced who knows what they’re doing can wrangle people.

Especially if you have multiple different locations.


You will need to have somebody there who can make sure that things are running smoothly.

Even though that will cost you a little more, it’s probably going to save you many different wedding areas.

Either before the wedding, on planning, or during the wedding itself.



4. Travel Time

The next thing is to make sure that you have a lot of time padding at your wedding.

Suppose there’s travel double the travel time. Never know what could happen.


There might be some unexpected traffic’s holiday weekend.

Double your travel time. If it’s a ten-minute drive, leave 20 in there.


5. Get Rid of  Stress

All of the above are some elements where they can contribute to a perfect wedding timeline.

But none of this happens, and nothing works. Please get rid of stress and get ready to live it for long as you can.

Do it your way! The biggest day has arrived. Your dream comes true!


5 Tips to Stay on Your Wedding Timeline


These are my 5 Tips to Stay on Your Wedding Timeline.

I hope this gives you some good ideas of things that you can do to prevent your wedding

from running late and losing out on all those beautiful photos that you love.


As a destination wedding photographer based in Athens, Greece, I would love to be with you on your special day.

You can view my recent work here. Get in touch, and so the adventure begins!

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