4 Expert Secrets for Perfect Bridal Look

A perfect bridal look

4 Expert Secrets for Perfect Bridal Look


I’m an Athens-based Hair and Make-Up artist with more than 13 year’s experience in the beauty industry.

All my clients have something in common: they want to look fresh, flawless and effortlessly beautiful.

My signature style is based on my client’s request and I always keep it feminine and natural.

I have been trained by some of the most highly regarded professionals of the industry such as Freddy Kalobratso and Vassilis P. Diamantopoulos.

My collaborations include TV shows, professional shootings for fashion magazines, fashion shows, celebrities and I recently launched my own beauty brand under the name “Dimitris Stratos Beauty”.

These are my 4 expert secrets for the perfect bridal look:

Stay Hydrated

Apply your make-up in natural light

Consider false lashes

Blend, blend, blend


If you want more, we shall meet in person! Send your booking enquiry here dimitrisstratosds@gmail.com


Dimitris Stratos

Hair&Makeup Artist

Email: dimitrisstratosds@gmail.com

Cell: +30 6979500811 

Instagram: @dimitristratos



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Bridal look Vol.1 | Dimitris Stratos

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