Bridal Accessories: 3 Amazed Ways To All Eyes On The Bride

Bridal Accessories in Athens Greece

3 Amazed Ways To All Eyes On The Bride


I’m Alexandra, owner of the brand “Alexandra Velentza” with unique handmade bridal accessories and wedding details!

My bridal handcrafted collection bringing out a new perspective of the past with a modern touch.

I’m in love with handstitching, crochet and other fine textile techniques, that give to my collection a soulful finish, inspired by history, culture, travel, the human spirit and everyday life.

Is based on high quality materials, exquisite fabrics and delicate haute couture laces.

I combine elements, such as Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls, etc. with various textile techniques, resulting in pieces that can be described as chic, abstract, contemporary and unique.


My bridal collection is a line that encompasses undeniable beauty and elegance, one which is perfect for women fond of the minimal and timeless style.

Addressed to equally elegant women, fond of durable style, AV collection is created to be irresistible!

Designed for the discerning bride looking for elegant and lovingly handmade bridal accessories, this collection is guaranteed to add a romantic and feminine touch to your special day.


The big day is approaching. Your day! After a long search you have found the right wedding dress, the ideal and comfortable shoes, but something is missing.

Something you want to complete your look and become the “All eyes on the bride”!

I believe that an accessory is anything that adorns your body and at the same time expresses your style and aura!

This can be one of the handmade hair accessories of AV series that will complete your already treated hairstyle.


These are my 3 Amazed Ways to All Eyes On The Bride!

If your wedding dress is simple and chic, you can emphasize your hairstyle with a headpiece with Swarovski crystals, giving you an impressive glow that starts from the top!

Necessary element for a complete look are always the earrings!

If you want to match a bohemian style with chic and glam style what would you say about the freshwater pearls earrings that can be found in many combinations, either by giving them a touch of elegance.


Fly to AV boutique or make your appointment and let the journey begin!



Alexandra Velentza

Wedding Details & Handmade Pieces


Website :

Cell : +30 6979 006442

Instagram : @alexandra_velentza



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