Symbolic Wedding Ceremony in Greece + 5 Reasons Why Symbolic Weddings are Trending in Greece

5 Reasons Why Symbolic Weddings are Trending in Greece

Symbolic Wedding Ceremony in Greece


Symbolic Wedding Ceremony in Greece

5 reasons Couples are Choosing a Celebrant-led Symbolic Wedding in Greece

5 Reasons Why Symbolic Weddings are Trending in Greece

Greece is one of the most unique & popular destinations for symbolic wedding ceremonies.

A symbolic wedding ceremony in Greece is a non-legally binding ceremony.

That allows couples to celebrate their love and commitment in a meaningful way.


1. Personalised Ceremony

The first reason is that the couple wants their ceremony written primarily for them.


2. No Documentation

No official documentation is required when having a symbolic ceremony in Greece.

There are no venue restrictions.

Holiday villas, wineries, yachts, and beach bars/restaurants are popular.


3. Custom Ceremony Length

The length of the ceremony is a matter of couple’s choice.

Wedding Agreco Farm Crete Greece Destination Wedding Rethymno

4. Symbolic Faith & Familly Elements

They can include elements from their faith or family traditions.


  •  Handfasting & handling an old Celtic custom-made modern

Tying the knot in Greece is a romantic way to celebrate your bond as a couple.


  • Unity Sand Ceremony

Blending the sand is a beautiful way to include children.


  • Wine or Cocktail Mixing

Celebrate by mixing your favorite tipple.

This signifies two lives together, representing life’s sweetness and bitterness.


  • First Kiss or Last Kiss

The perfect way to include the couple’s parents in the ceremony. A real tear-jerker.

Very special when the parents are surprised.


  • Rose Ceremony

Either the couple will exchange roses to symbolize their love.

Alternatively, they can surprise family members by offering them a single rose

as a gesture of thanks for their support.

Wedding Agreco Farm Crete Greece Destination Wedding Rethymno

5. LGBTQ Weddings in Greece

Although same-sex civil marriage is not recognized in Greece,

don’t let this stop you from choosing Greece for your special day.

A celebrant-led symbolic ceremony is so much better than a generic civil ceremony.


+Extra Infos

A legal civil marriage

These days many couples choose to conduct the legal part of their wedding in their home country.

They may tell their family and friends they may not, which is a matter of choice.

They will keep the legal civil marriage ceremony short and sweet and save all the best bits for later.

Why do this? And the answer is that these couples don’t want a short generic civil ceremony in Greece!

I always say marriage is the legal part, and the wedding in Greece is the ceremony to celebrate!


What does a celebrant do?

Most celebrants in Greece are storytellers, just waiting to write a ceremony for you and all about you.

They will take you and your family and friends down memory lane and remind you how you fell in love.

Your family and friends can take part in your ceremony.

You can include symbolic elements, and if you wish to celebrate with religious readings, you can.

Mixed faith ceremonies in Greece are best when officiated by a wedding celebrant.


Suppliers to choose when planning a destination wedding in Greece

Which suppliers to decide when planning a destination wedding in Greece?

When planning a destination wedding in Greece, you must find suppliers who resonate with you as a couple.

And in the case of an intimate elopement, it is more important than ever.


A great wedding planner, celebrant, photographer, and videographer are a must.

And don’t compromise. There are many suppliers in Greece you have to find the right ones for you.

Good communicators are the key to a smooth wedding planning journey in Greece.


My name is Sarah, and I am a wedding celebrant in Greece.

I love nothing more than chatting about weddings, so contact me if you want to learn more.

Contact Details:

Sarah Hatjipavlis

tel: +30 6940 55 1015



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