Fine Art Wedding Cake in Greece 3 Best Pastries

Best Cake Pastry in Athens

Fine Art Wedding Cake in Greece 3 Best Pastries

Fine Art Wedding Cake in Greece 3 Best Pastries

Wedding cake or anniversary, birthday cake or bachelor?

Beach party or black-tie, Grande reception or dinner for two?

Ιn any occasion a fine art cake will definitely be a perfect choice!


A premium pastry is light and airy, which begins from French pastry.

Specifically from chef Marie-Antoine Carême (1784 – 1833).

Ηe was the chef who was cooking for Kings : the first celebrity chef.


For these reasons i recommend to my couples delicious traditional French wedding cakes.

It is elements that will highlight the style, as well as the character of a wedding couple.

Could be the flag of the color palette of the wedding day, but also enclose all her emotions.


While sometimes more complex constructions with a feast of flowers, fruits or gold leaves.

Your imagination is the only limitation, while you can get ideas from pastries portfolio.

Each one is unique. All are made to order with materials of exceptional quality.


If you are interested it is good to book it 6 months before your wedding.

While for destination weddings it can be sent to you in a special refrigerator by arrangement.

The main thing is that they will offer us amazing images! You can see the image below.

Fine Art Wedding Cake in Greece 3 Best Pastries


Avoid dummy cakes if this is possible that our parents used to have.

They stand out from the bad-tasting 80s shapes, the plastic groom & bride or fake flowers.

These are usually given as a gift to some wedding venues or wedding catering services.


These are wedding cakes in Greece from Best 3 Pastries.

There will definitely be other important pastries, that I do not know yet.

Also this article is not an advertising product. These are only my 3 personal choices.

1. Pavlovs Lab

”Strictly for Sweet Addicts”


15 Patriarchou Grigoriou E’, 146 71 Nea Erythraia, Athens Greece


2. The Cakers

”Premium Pastry”


23 xenofontos, 166 74 Glyfada, Athens Greece


3. Ada’s Little Kitchen

”Pastries Savory Handmade by Ada Livisanou


10 Grigoriou Labraki, 166 74 Glyfada, Athens Greece



If you have a high quality pastry in Greece please contact me.

If the specifications are met, I will be happy to add you to my list at no cost.

My only goal is more happy couples and cheerfully kids!


If you are a couple planning to get married in Greece, I am blissful to answer questions and work together.

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