7 Essential Bride’s Getting Ready Tips

Getting Ready Tips For Your Wedding Day

7 Essential Bride’s Getting Ready Tips



7 Essential Bride ‘s Getting Ready Tips.

A guide which will remove tons of stress and add organisation, tranquillity and time for an ideal experience, also as an ideal photographic result.

But let’s get things started from the start . The wedding day is now start. you’re at the purpose where your bride-to-be prepares to start out , a touch panic within the room, friends and relatives, hair-stylist & makeup artist, photographer & videographer, beat an equivalent place.

I completely understand you. Through my experience i will be able to attempt to assist you the maximum amount as I can with 7 tips that you simply could optionally follow.


7 Essential Bride's Getting Ready Tips


1. Details

In the preparation of the bride within the first hour almost will got to get her details:

invitations, wedding sugared almonds, bridal gown , bridal shoes, garter, bracelet, necklace, earrings, bouquet ,wedding rings, ring , perfume and other favourite elements you would like to photographed.(yours,from grandma/mother).

Again all of the above are concentrated in one place (ex -bedroom).

Find a complete analytic list here.



2. Important people

I would additionally recommend having some family photos with the dad and mom earlier than leaving home.
They are typically busy with the latest details of the ceremony and reception.
Spend some time on them it’s fantastic to have them in your album book, as the years go by



3. Hair & Make up

Ιt is recommended to have a clean face of hair as much as possible. Sometimes the hair over the face is a problem with a strong air for an outside ceremony.

Also unwanted shadows are created if we do not have natural light.

Αlso recommended a matte make up help us not to have too many glosses in our photos.



4. Preparation place

The guidance area for your make-up artist & hair stylist is advocated to be close to huge home windows so that we have wealthy herbal light in our images.

Pick the greatest room in your residence to get ready, that way, we will have a loads of angles to photo you and your bridesmaids.

Also be clear of a variety of objects that can annoy our frame, due to the fact the entirety will see in our pics (ex severe range espresso plastic glasses all round etc).



5. Bride first 

The make-up artist usually start the bride last, in order that she is fresh for the marriage ceremony.

Still often things run late and therefore the bride doesn’t have a time for day portraits.

Have the structure artist start with you, the bride then all the others (mother,sister,bridesmaids) unless there are other make-up artists or a selected timetable is about to possess our bride ready for the time we’ve given.

That way we’ve many time for beautiful images with you and your bridesmaids!



6. Bridal dressing

Also before bridal dressing, our bride is usually recommended to wear something that matches in on the day instead of something too casual (eg an easy t-shirt, shorts), since all the guests bridesmaids are already wearing formal clothes especially for wedding.

Plus, most of the time our bride will wear these and far less the marriage dress. Also ask your bridesmaids to wear pretty robes.

That helps your photograph look good. As a bride, you ought to wear a special colored robe to stand out.



7. Champagne

A glass or two of champagne help to boost your mood for you and your bridemaids !Lets the party begin! Enjoy the best day of your life! Cheers ! Yamas !


7 Essential Bride's Getting Ready Tips


All of the above are some elements where they can contribute to a perfect bride preparation. But none of this happens and nothing works.

Get rid of stress and get ready to live it for as long as you can. Do it your own way! The biggest day has arrived.


How did the above tips look? Please do share your experiences below in the comments or anything else you think we should add.

So, if you are planning your wedding in Greece, write me an e-mail via the form, or just send me an e-mail directly at info@ignatioskourouvasilis.com to inquire about availability, pricing, or just to share your story.

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