Getting Married in Greece Couple from New York City

Wedding in Greece couple from New York City

Getting Married in Greece

Getting Married in Greece couple from New York tHE gREEK wAY!

Some time ago, in a hot Greek summer, I enjoyed being at a lovely wedding.

Ariti and Brian were a couple of actual phenomena.

So much love & passion!

And how could this be different when the bride is Greek and the groom is Italian?


They lived for too many years in the USA and specifically in “The Big Apple“, New York City.

About a year ago, they married on a gorgeous vineyard farm of Long Island.

During the ceremony, the couple vow their love and commitment for one another,

The officiant asks the guests if they know of any reason why the couple should not be married,

and last, the couple is pronounced as married and referred to as the other’s husband or wife.



But Ariti had dreamed of a Greek Orthodox wedding, in our Greek way, and with all the traditions!

The Greek wedding was in a small village next to Kamena Vourla.

So in a small house handed over to time, Ariti & Brian’s wedding day begins.

And I feel fortunate and happy to be there with them.


The party started early with traditional Greek songs on a small speaker bt.

The guests slowly arrived at the house to congratulate the bride’s family.

“Joy Shots” in the air followed, and the groom arrived for the first kiss.

The dance around the house follows with a lot of happiness.


After church, I had a few minutes for their portraits.

Then would follow the reception in the colorful seaside tavern,

as you will see in the pictures at the beginning of this orthodox wedding gallery.


So, if you are planning your wedding in Greece, write me an e-mail via the form,

to inquire about availability, pricing or to share your story.


And as Ariti said,

I married the man who makes my heart and soul complete.

My beautiful husband, I will love you until the end of time.”

Kind Words

Getting Married in Greece Wedding in Greece from New York

Wow Ignatios they are beautiful thank you!


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