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Elopement in Kalymnos

Wedding photographer in Kalymnos


Wedding photographer in Kalymnos | Elopement in Kalymnos


I recently had the pleasure and honor of being booked by a beautiful couple for an elopement in Kalymnos.

Although I had been to the island for an Orthodox wedding, everything was different this time.

Maybe you have heard some couples, like my wife and me, thinking of planning a wedding without guests.

Only the couple, the best man, the priest or a celebrant, and our photographer.

If we include a Greek island in our plan, even better.


In this case, my couple went further, and they did it in their way.

There was no priest or celebrant at the ceremony.

Just the couple, me and the filmmaker!

The place they had chosen was genuinely epic and unique.

There is a breathtaking view at the top of a mountain.

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What can one say? The intensity of emotions had reached the red.

Joy and tears of love were so intense and everywhere.

I don’t know how to thank them enough for being a small part of their incredible love story.

I wish them the best and that they remain as loved and close as they were that day.


Finally, below, you can read some of the bride’s thoughts for influence and inspiration.

I never was the girl who dreamed of her wedding and honestly do not enjoy planning.

So when we started to plan a wedding in Telluride, I felt like it was stealing the magic.

I couldn’t wrap my head around a formal ceremony that didn’t make sense for us.

Then we thought of eloping on our upcoming trip to Greece in 2 weeks.

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We could do it our wayadventure, intimacy, and still have our heartfelt vows, which

I’ve always found it to be the most meaningful part of a wedding anyway.

My husband loved the idea, too, and we ditched the formal Telluride wedding ceremony plans.

And then everything quickly fell into place.


We actually officially got married (aka signed the marriage certificate) a few days before our trip.

Then, we had our own little celebration/vow exchange in Greece.

I bought the first dress I tried on.

I ordered a bouquet the morning of.

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My husband brought his suit to Greece. I wore my white birks.

I found a wonderful Greek photographer and videographer.

We had a little vow exchange up on a ridge line on Kalymnos.

We both cried our eyes out reading our vows, hugged & kissed a lot, and almost got blown away by Gail-force wind.


And then we rode our scoot scoot home at sunset.

It was so fun, intimate, and emotional. I’m so glad we did it this way; it really just felt like us.

It all feels serendipitous. The wind just added to our story. It all feels meant to be.

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Some people say, “when you know, you know.” Turns out, that is 💯% true for my husband and myself.

We knew almost immediately that we had found our person and also knew a little celebration in Greece was our way.


Of course, if you need a wedding photographer in Kalymnos, please

fill out the contact form here or email me directly at


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I should also note that my couple traveled from Colorado, US, to Kalymnos

because of the more than 2,000 climbing routes on the island.

And are constantly being added, with all degrees of difficulty.

Kalymnos is one of the destinations where every climber should go.

The direct access to the climb routes, the fantastic landscapes,

and the fact that when you turn your head, you see the sea make it a unique and sensational experience.



Festivals are also organized towards the end of the year,

I was impressed by the large number of climbers, who came from all over the world,

but also by the quality of it since I saw older people climbing.

As much as I liked this sport, unfortunately, or fortunately, photography has won me over 🙂

Kind Words

Ignatios was absolutely wonderful! I found him online and he was available for our last-minute vow exchange/elopement in Kalymnos. He flew to Kalymnos and was SO completely helpful and flexible. His communication and organization is terrific. He bent over backwards to help with our wild plans for our special day-

He took pics of us having our morning coffee, an ocean dip, on a run, rock climbing, and then for our vow exchange. His pictures are absolutely stunning and they truly capture our love and laughter SO well.

So many family/friends have told me that the pictures are way better than any wedding photographer pics in the U.S. (where we are from) and I 100% agree.

What luck to have found Ignatios and to have these pictures!!! He is the best. Thank you a million!!!


dESTINATION elopement in kalymnos

VideoClip | Destination Elopement in Kalymnos

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